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Dr. Scott Piller


Let me be the first to welcome you to Breathe Chiropractic! I am Dr. Scott C. Piller, and it is my pleasure to be your doctor. I am a second-generation chiropractor and have been lucky enough to be a patient since birth. I am a 1993 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic – Davenport, IA. I have spent the last 30 years treating and educating patients on the benefits of chiropractic care. Healthcare at its best is focused on maintaining good health by prevention rather than waiting for something to go wrong.

As a chiropractor, I evaluate and analyze your spine and nervous system to see if your body is functioning at its 100% potential. When the spine and nervous system are in proper alignment and working efficiently, the body exemplifies those results. When building almost any structure in the world, the most time is spent on the foundation. So, if you have never spent time taking care of your foundation (which is your spine and nervous system), my wonderful team and I would love to guide you through a journey to better health.

During my free time, I enjoy spending time and traveling with my wife Sue, and our daughters Megan, and Jessica. I also enjoy golf and watching all sporting events.

I look forward to meeting and helping every new patient towards a life that isn’t just pain-free, but one that is fulfilling, goal-oriented, and maximizes your true potential