Lynsi Freidkin Breathe Chiropractic Phoenix

Lynsi Freidkin


“This care saved my life. I  suffered physically & mentally. I would not be who I am today if a loved one had not told me about chiropractic care.” - Lynsi Freidkin

Lynsi is the Owner, SRI Facilitator, and stretch Therapist of Breathe Chiropractic. She won CA of the Year with the New Beginnings Chiropractic Coaching in 2019 and is a Young female business owner. With a background in customer service & self-development, she has dedicated her life to helping people get the care & healing that they need and deserve. 

Lynsi was born in Riverside California & Flagstaff Arizona. As a kid, she enjoyed choir, snowboarding, & dance. She moved to the valley in 2016 where the healing of Chiropractic Care would forever change her life. Here in this office, she learned her true passion for serving others and the power that made the body heal the body. 

Outside of Lynsi’s professional life, her passions & hobbies include family, self-development, dancing, outdoor adventures, travel, and life experience! She finds joy in serving others and believes it's essential to a well-rounded life.