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Neck Pain

Acute and Chronic Neck Pain

Your neck, which is also called your cervical spine, is made up of seven small vertebrae. The beauty of the neck is it’s mobility, which can move in almost every direction. Unfortunately, this full range of motion movement and flexibility is the very same thing that can leave it so vulnerable to pain or injury. Often neck pain is treated with medication or surgery and, while medications and surgeries may offer some temporary relief, Dr. Stezel, after having performed a thorough exam, will gently and precisely touch your neck in specific points to restore connection and alignment of the vertebra.  Gentle, non-invasive spinal adjustments are offered in our Phoenix chiropractic office as a drug-free way to treat and reduce neck pain. While our office is located in Phoenix we have successfully treated patients from all over the valley like Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa and Paradise Valley!


Through your visits Dr. Stetzel, DC will work to educate you and and help you identify some common causes of neck pain that could be affecting your health and natural ways to provide pain relief. We can schedule an evaluation to begin your chiropractic care quickly to give you the relief you need. Don’t “deal with the pain” and suffer any longer.

Frequent Causes of Neck Pain


Muscle tension. The neck supports the weight of the head, which averages about 12 pounds! Prolonged support of this weight can cause the muscles become fatigued and tighten in response.


Reduced physical activity. Our modern lifestyles can lead us to problems with neck pain. Spending a lot of time sitting at the computer or propping yourself up to read in bed can cause areas of pressure on the neck which can then lead to pain.


Aging. As we get older there are lots of conditions that can directly affect the spine including: daily wear and tear, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease.


Other common causes can include emotional stress, physical trauma such as car accidents, chemical toxins or nutritional deficiencies. Often times it is a combination of causes which is why a consultation and in-office exam is important to help identify the most likely cause(s).

How Our Neck Pain Treatment Works



Dr. Danielle Stetzel, DC is pleased to offer an advanced and evidence-based treatment for pain called Network Spinal Analysis. This treatment approach focuses on communicating with the nervous system to release the tension that causes pain. This practice works to correct one of the most common underlying causes of neck pain: tension. With Network Spinal Analysis, the chiropractor works to improve the process of communication between your joints and nervous system to alleviate and prevent pain. This also results in greater overall health as the process enhances your mind-body awareness. 



Our chiropractor, Dr. Danielle Stetzel DC, can gently loosen tight neck muscles and ligaments, reducing pressure and muscle tension through the use of Network Spinal chiropractic care. Network’s approach varies primarily in the process of adjusting the nervous system to affect the structure whereas traditional chiropractic adjusts the structure to adjust the nervous system. With a great reduction in muscle tension, you in turn experience less neck pain. Once we have succeeded in reducing the strain on your neck muscles, ongoing performance of periodic adjustments is a great maintenance practice to maintain spinal and neck alignment, ensuring that tension does not return. The beauty of Network Spinal and chiropractic case is that because our approach is drug-free, you can use it with or instead of traditional neck pain treatments!



In-Office Neck Pain Treatment



The neck pain treatments provided at Breathe Chiropractic are directed at relieving pain and discomfort and permitting greater stress relief and relaxation. During your appointment at Breathe Chiropractic, our doctor will review your medical history, interview you about the symptoms you are experiencing, and ask about lifestyle activities that may exacerbate your neck pain. As with any condition, she will conduct a preliminary exam to understand your unique needs and determine which adjustments will be most helpful in your case and develop an individualized treatment plan.



At-Home Neck Pain Treatment


Other areas of treatment may include advice regarding specific lifestyle factors you can incorporate to improve your functioning such as ergonomic adjustments and implementation of prescribed exercises. Additionally, we can also offer nutritional advice and recommend supplements for improved health that will work in conjunction with your chiropractic care to help reduce stress, improve overall immunity and promote wellness. Our holistic approach really does take into account the whole picture!


Begin Your Treatment


If our chiropractic care sounds like the piece of your health care you’ve been missing, please schedule a free consultation today! We want to help you Connect, Align and Thrive.

Did You Know?

Based on information from the American Chiropractic Association, cervical adjustments are performed to restore range of motion in the neck and enhance the overall mobility of the spine. Dr. Stetzel, DC will use her techniques to twist the neck and restore alignment of the vertebra. Cervical manipulations are conducted without drugs, and an appointment typically lasts anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes.

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