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Back Pain

Acute or Chronic Back Pain


Back pain is one of the most common pain conditions that affect so many people and keeps them from living an active life. Until someone has experienced debilitating back pain they don’t realize the amount of daily activities that can be affected by this pain. When you look at the research it shows that nearly all cases of back pain are both mechanical and emotional. What this means is that the pain is most often connected to a life stressor, often related to work, finances, relationships and complex emotions, that lead to a decrease in nervous system function. When the spine moves out of position because of developmental issues, trauma, repetitive stress, and other incidents, it can put pressure on the surrounding nerves. When the nerves are compressed or irritated, they send a message to the muscles of the back to tighten or become irritated. Nervous system problems problems are what our chiropractor, Dr. Danielle Stetzel, DC, has substantial experience treating. If you are looking to treat your back pain with drug-free, non-invasive chiropractic care in Central Phoenix then come experience Breathe Chiropractic. Come take back control of your life with relief from back pain. We invite you to Connect, Align, and Thrive!

Get the Back Pain Facts


Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment approach that is safe and effective for managing back pain– and research studies support this. The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research recently conducted an extensive study of patients with low back problems. Based on the study’s findings, the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research now recommends that low back pain sufferers choose the most conservative care first. The agency specifically cited chiropractic spinal manipulation as “the only safe and effective, drugless form of initial professional treatment for acute low back problems in adults.”


The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) agrees. JAMA recommends chiropractic care as an effective treatment for lower back pain relief and cautions that surgery is typically not needed and should only be undertaken when all other treatment options are exhausted.

How Our Back Pain Treatment Works


Chiropractic care really does relieve back pain! Our chiropractor understands just how frustrated and overwhelmed you may feel when it comes to managing your back pain. We are confident in suggesting our gentle spinal manipulations as your first choice for conservative care. While many medical treatments rely on prescription painkillers to alleviate pain symptoms our approach provides rapid relief and extends the relief into long-term management. Unfortunately, other treatment options like surgery can be risky and, in some cases, patients end up experiencing more back pain after surgery than they had before the operation. With medications, the relief wears off once the drug is metabolized, but our treatment is aimed at correcting the problem rather than masking it, which provides long-lasting, life-changing results.


An evaluative exam with Dr. Danielle Stetzel, DC is where your personalized pain management treatment plan will begin. Based on the exam’s findings, our chiropractor Dr. Danielle Stetzel, will create a custom treatment program to best relieve your pain through our conservative care treatment approach. Whether you you have a slipped or herniated disc or another underlying mechanical issue chiropractic adjustments can target the root cause for your pain and bring correct alignment back to the spine.



Begin Your Treatment


You do not have to accept back pain as an inevitable part of aging or stop living an active life!  Experience how chiropractic adjustments may be able to relieve your pain by scheduling a diagnostic exam in our Central Phoenix office.

Did You Know?

Nearly half of all Americans experience low back pain each year, as reported by the American Chiropractic Association. 31 million Americans may be suffering from back pain right now! Low back pain is the leading cause for disability worldwide, according to the Global Burden of Disease 2010. Here in the United States, Americans spend at least $50 billion on back pain care– and that’s just the readily identifiable costs for medical care, workers compensation payments and time lost from work, reports the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research.

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