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Meet The Chiropractor

Dr. Danielle Stetzel


From a young age, I knew I wanted to help people.  I got to witness my parents change peoples’ lives through chiropractic care from a young age, and I constantly heard them talking about the amazing innate intelligence in our bodies that helped us heal.  I mean, I grew up listening to the song “Power On!” that was all about getting your power turned on by chiropractic. It wasn’t until I’d experienced some life and was using obsessive exercise to avoid feeling that I found Network Chiropractic.  That’s when my life really changed.  Through this work, my hormone issues healed, my self-image improved, injuries I’d acquired from working out went away, and I had more energy throughout the day!  Prior to this, I was exercising 2-3 times a day, sleeping 4-5 hours a night, and falling asleep in class about every 20 minutes.  Network Chiropractic gave me a new lease on life. Now, that’s what I’m here to do for the rest of the world.

Dr. Dani’s History

The Evolution of The Practice

Dr. Dani Stetzel joined Breathe Chiropractic (formerly Soloman Chiropractic) in late June of 2019, after finishing her Doctorate of Chiropractic at Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Dr. Dani is a third generation chiropractor, and both her parents and grandfather practiced structural adjusting. By the age of 10, she knew she was going to be a chiropractor (after her Broadway career of course). First, she took a deep dive into the CrossFit community, where she found her love of Olympic Lifting and coaching people to realize how much more they can accomplish with their bodies and minds. This also led her down a path that left her disenfranchised, disconnected from her body, and disempowered to make choices for herself. She didn't have a regular hormone cycle, she was depressed, and she had a pattern of disordered eating that controlled her life. This is how she started chiropractic school.

In her first quarter of school, she was introduced to Network Spinal Analysis, which she now practices in its upgraded version, Network Spinal. At the time, she was unfamiliar with the technique and was adamant that it was “cool, but NOT chiropractic.” She attended a talk where she was chosen as a demo for the class. Once she experienced care herself, she felt her whole body unwind stress and tension that she hadn’t even realized was there, and she could breathe much easier. As soon as she realized the transforming power of this work, she knew this was the way she had to help people.

Since diving into Network Care, Dr. Dani has completed Tony Robbin’s Mastery University and Leadership Mastery. She is a Level 3 Certified NetworkSpinal practitioner and is continuing her education in MasterE, a program led by the founder of Network himself, Donny Epstein, to better understand the human nervous system and how it interacts with the environment. She’s now connected to her body, empowered to make choices that support herself and her loved ones in living the lives they love, and present to help YOU do the same.

Don’t Wait For Tomorrow – Start Thriving