Somatorespiratory Integration in Phoenix - Breathe Chiropractic
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Somatorespiratory Integration in Phoenix

Somato Respiratory Integration


At Breathe Chiropractic, our care extends beyond our Network Spinal chiropractic care to include Somato Respiratory integration. When our patients first come to us, a lot of them have never heard of Somato Respiratory Integration and are unfamiliar with the amazing impact this care can have on their well being and mind body connection.


What is Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)?


The practice of SRI teaches you how to move, breathe, and focus simultaneously, in a way that helps open up connections within your body and achieve greater breakthroughs in your healing journey. SRI consists of a series of exercises you can learn with Dr. Dani and practice on your own or in the office to help connect (integrate) your mind, body and breath.


Soma = Body    Respiratory = Breath    Integration = Connection

Somato Respiratory Results


This key aspect of care provides amazing results to our patients. We offer support to each client as they learn to re-organize their perceptions and behaviors. The immense self-healing that occurs with SRI work provides an amazing gift for you as well as the people in your life.


Some benefits include:

  • A more flexible, integrated experience of the spine and body-mind
  • Easier release of structural distortions/”anchors” to our past
  • Increased sense of peace and ease
  • Improved posture and deeper breathing
  • New options to deal with life stress
  • Empowering oneself to heal and transform their life experience

Did You Know?

SRI exercises can also be used at home between NS visits to relieve acute stress, and as part of one’s regular wellness routine, as thousands of people around the world have discovered.

Somato Respiratory Integration + the 12 Stages of Healing

Somato Respiratory Integration is made up of 12 Stages of Healing, which are divided into 3 distinct phases or “seasons”.


Phase 1 is Discovery and is an eye-opening phase where you learn how and where you are disconnected within yourself. Exploration of this phase helps you move from suffering or pain to connection. The Discovery phase includes the stages of Polarities / Rhythms and Stuck Perspective.


Phase 2 is Transformation and is a phase where you tap into your innate self through decisive action, being authentic to yourself and maintaining congruency between these things in your life. Movement through this phase allows you to create a new map of “self” and your emotional intelligence will guide you to make decisions that are life-supporting instead of destructive and habitual. The Transformation phase includes the stages of Reclaiming Our Power, Merging with the Suffering, Preparation for Discharge and Resolution Through Discharge. 


Phase 3 is Awakening and is a phase of “being” and full integration of the new “you” you have uncovered. It is truly a stage of acceptance, joy and wholeness. You will no longer be living in a state of limbo. You will be a source of light in your own life and the lives of others. The beauty of this stage is that you will be experiencing the joy of living, giving and providing to your full potential. The Awakening phase includes the stages of Emptiness, Light Behind the Form, Ascent, Descent, Community and Don’t Think – Be!


We so strongly believe in the power of everyone being able to reach their full potential through the techniques we have to offer. Our belief is that deep suffering does not have to cause a breakdown in your ability living to your full potential and can be overcome. We want to help you learn to explore all you have to offer the world. This is why we truly want to help you Connect, Align and Thrive.


Awareness, Acknowledgement + Acceptance
In SRI, we start the AAA process (not alcoholics anonymous, they meet down the street).


Awareness – Acknowledgement – Acceptance


Things to know before you get started with your first SRI experience:

  • There’s no such thing as perfect. Be patient with yourself, and it’s okay if you don’t get it right away. The train will come back around.
  • Emotion is expressed through facial expression, movement, and sound. Sometimes you may hear or express sounds, and that’s ok!  It’s just energy moving through your emotional system.
  • Crying or laughing is normal.
  • Declarations are suggested and important to this practice. When we can acknowledge parts of us, we can accept them and they can help us. “Sometimes I feel so stuck”, or “I deserve more than this.”
  • You are invited to participate and totally safe.
  • If you ever are not okay with what emotions or feeling that might be coming up for you, let the Doctor know, and she will guide you through Stage 1 to find more safety and stability.

Connect, Align + Thrive.

Don’t Wait For Tomorrow – Start Thriving